Transforming Management Education

Facilitating teaching excellence in the classroom with the latest in pedagogical content.


The Indian School of Business- Genesis and Purpose

At the Indian School of Business (ISB), the Centre for Learning and Management Practice (CLMP) is focused on facilitating teaching excellence in the classroom, supporting the writing of business case studies and enabling innovative pedagogies for effective learning, assisting in the measurement of learning and driving engagement and interaction with the corporate world.

The Centre has built expertise in developing and publishing high-quality case studies that engage students in the classroom with real-world dilemmas. The Centre also seeks to augment the quality of academic programmes by offering resources and expertise in the areas of teaching, learning, and business cases, as well as by developing innovative pedagogies and new forms of content for effective teaching and learning.


Strategic Focus Areas

Our Mission

Pedagogy & Learning

To be the leading platform for global faculty seeking the latest case studies on India and the emerging markets, in innovative formats.

Knowledge Dialogue

To be the go-to destination for management practitioners looking for the latest business insights.

Teaching Excellence

To be the top source for insights on best practices in teaching and learning effectiveness, and program evaluation.